01. Two [multiplied] by two equals four.
02. His problems only [multiplied] when he began to drink.
03. Nigel is learning division and [multiplication] in arithmetic now.
04. Kids today hardly know their [multiplication] tables because they use their calculators to do everything.
05. Yuko learned to do calculations on an abacus, and can [multiply] huge numbers in her head now.
06. The number of rabbits on the university campus has [multiplied] out of control over the last couple of years.
07. You will have final quizzes in addition, subtraction, division, and [multiplication] at the end of the year.
08. The insect people from Pluto [multiplied] quickly, and soon took over the entire planet of Jupiter.
09. Company profits are way up, and union demands during the coming negotiations are expected to [multiply] as a result.
10. There have been a number of [multiple] births in my family history. My mom is a twin herself.
11. The driver of the car that crashed into a telephone pole outside our house later died of [multiple] injuries.
12. The metric system is based on [multiples] of ten.
13. I thought this store was totally unique, but actually it's a [multiple] with branches all over the country.
14. Using fertility drugs give couples a 25% chance of a [multiple] birth.
15. The human heart grows by enlargement of cells, not cell [multiplication], which means that a baby's heart contains the same number of cells as an adult's.
16. Benjamin Franklin once suggested that he who [multiplies] riches, [multiplies] cares.
17. Martin Luther King once observed that returning violence for violence [multiplies] violence.
18. A Tibetan proverb notes that to spread the news is to [multiply] it.
19. Sun Tzu stated that opportunities [multiply] as they are seized.
20. Psychologists believe the fact that many men pursue [multiple] sexual partners may be due to their desire to increase the likelihood of successful reproduction.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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